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After 30 Years

AOMA is closing its doors.

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As of April 6th, 2024, AOMA will no longer be offering academic programming.  Current students have the opportunity to continue their education with teach-out partners to minimize the burden to students.

One of the schools providing a teach-out for our students will also become the steward of current student and alumni records.  This school is AIMC, Berkeley.  One of the benefits of a school managing records over an entity like the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) is that the leaders of AIMC understand the field and licensure requirements making things like education verification and licensing documentation requests more convenient and supported for alumni.


Please note that after April 30th, all AOMA alumni will be able to request diploma re-prints, transcripts, etc. from AIMC.  You will receive a follow-up communication regarding who to contact and the process very soon and will be linked in the above menu.

To assure continuity of support, for now and through April 30th, please continue to direct any records requests to

AOMA Life will no longer be updated after April 5th, 2024 but will continue as a resource for former AOMA students until April 11th, 2025.

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