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Communication During Covid-19

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Dr. Mary Faria

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Wednesdays and

Fridays at 8am

Support During COVID-19

  This time has been overwhelming for many folks.  If you find yourself in need, please remember we are keeping a small food bank going.


If you wish to donate a bag of nonperishable items, please contact Michael Jewell at 281-832-8743


Students can also reach out to Financial Aid by contacting 
Estella at EProctor@aoma.edu
and Natalie at NGarrett@aoma.edu.

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Our Mission   

To transform lives and communities 

through education, patient care, leadership, and research in Chinese and other integrative medicines.





This is a website devoted to providing resources for students, faculty, staff, and alumni!  It also provides easy access for reporting incidents and providing feedback. 

We hope it will foster community and help us to grow!

If you have anything you would like to see,
Email Dr. Diane Stanley at DStanley@aoma.edu

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