Summer Schedule Change


COVID-19 is impacting students in many ways, but the biggest academic impact is on internship clinics. While the clinics have been closed, the MAc students have been gaining clinical hours through Zoom sessions. But, there is a limit as to how many hours that can be done that way (50-120 hours depending on type and what they already had fulfilled). So time is running out for some and they will to do make-ups when the clinics re-open (unless ACAOM increases the number of hours for virtual clinics which still has potential).


The current medical outlook from CDC and other sources is that the pandemic will slow/recede this summer and we can reopen clinics at that time – however, there will likely be a resurgence in the fall (late fall and into winter during usual flu season).


For this reason, some upper level didactic courses are moving to the fall, to free more time for interns to take more clinics than they may have planned for this summer, and to do make-up clinics from spring as well as plan for potential fall closures. Please contact the advisors for your personal scheduling needs.


These are the courses that will NOT be offered this summer, but will be on the FA-20 schedule:

  • PT0400 Practice Management

  • PT0440 Ethics and Legal Issues

  • WS0393 Biomedical Treatment of Disease 1

  • WS0394 Biomedical Treatment of Disease 2


In addition, there will be Clinic Theater that can also be used as Observation hours for pre-interns. This is being planned for multiple rooms with rotating supervisors for a robust learning experience.

Remember your Town Hall is tomorrow for any questions you might have.