Meet the

Student Services Team

Different members of the Student Services Support Team have different types of expertise.  For example,  Diane studied brain health with Dr. Daniel Amen and just completed her Honors DAcOM in which she studied the intersection of plant signaling hormones and morphology with TCM theory.  She's a nerd. 


Robert has the most experience helping international students, handles all special accommodations, and has participated in loads of community outreach.  Whether you are looking for testing accommodations or wish to work in disaster relief, Robert is a great resource.

As the Dean of Students, Robert is a true fixture at AOMA, who wears many, many hats.  He understands the AOMA curriculum inside out, forwards and backwards, and provides academic advising for students to suite their educational goals and aspirations.   For portfolio reviews Robert gives honest and constructive criticism to help students improve their writing and reflecting skills.  Not only does he tirelessly represent the needs of our students, but he is our resident expert on transferring credits between institutions and navigating the endless intricacies and bureaucratic red tape for our international students. 


When Robert isn’t busy advocating for students, he fills his time by tooting his own horn (playing the trumpet), playing with his two dogs, and shopping for big and tall Hawaiian shirts. 

 Dean of Students 
I can help with...
  • Special Accommodations

  • International Student Affairs

  • Academic Advising

  • Portfolio Reviews

  • Carl Jung discussions



—  Robert Laguna... everyday

“But first, ...             





When her friends had dolls, Diane had books... lots of books, mostly about horses and dinosaurs.  She had so many questions, her mom bought her encyclopedias, which she read.  Incidentally, P is the best volume, because it has pottos and pademelons. She has a deep love of plants and the bulk of her advanced post-MAcOM training is in molecular biology, neurology and plant biology. Her favorite shows are almost all sci-fi, the first poem she ever wrote was about a plant. She's goofy, nerdy, and if you want to talk about the China trip or the honors concentration of the DAcOM, definitely reach out.

I can help with...
  • Student Services (SS)

  • Institutional Effectiveness (IE)

  • Portfolio Reviews

  • Research with REDCap

  • Brain Health Coaching

  • Nerdy Musings


 “Hold on to what is good, even if 

 it's a handful of earth. 

 Hold on to what you believe, even if 

 it is a tree that stands by itself.​ 

 Hold on to what you must do, even if 

 it's a long way from here. 

 Hold on to my hand, even if 

 someday I'll be gone away from you."

—  Pueblo Native American Prayer


Academic Advisor

Reagan was raised right here in Austin and lives happily with her two dogs, Opal and Enoch.  She completed her MAcOM in 2016, became licensed by the State of Texas shortly after graduation, and recently entered into AOMA’s Doctoral program.  She has a particular interest in treating psycho-emotional, pain, and neurological conditions.  As an Academic Advisor, Clinical Resident, and practitioner, you will find her in the clinic, the classroom, and in the office working hard to support AOMA students.  Reagan brings a sense of humor, compassion, and kindness into the treatment room and to AOMA, promoting comfort and engagement in among everyone in their self-care or educational journey.

I can help with...
  • Academic Advising

  • Portfolio Reviews

  • Clinical Education Support

  • Nerdy Musings


 “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. 

 I awoke and saw that life was service. 

 I acted and behold, service was joy.” 

—  Rabindranath Tagore


Ashley Loyd is a native Austinite who loves dancing, trying local cuisine, and hiking with her dog. She spent a few years in Kalamazoo, MI earning her BA in Classical Studies & Religion before completing her Master of Science in Social Work at UT Austin. She is happy to be using her records-management background to support our AOMA students and alumni as they bring healing to our communities throughout the country, and internationally.

I can help with...
  • All things registration

  • All things CAMS

  • All things clinic registration

  • NCCAOM, licensure, and graduation



 “Wisdom is better than wit, and in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side.” 

—  Jane Austen