Diversity and Inclusion 


What is Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is composed of thoughts and feelings outside fo your control.  It's the attitudes and cognition you are bringing into the room that you are not able to consciously access.  You can have bias for all kinds of reasons, and truly, everyone is biased in some way or another.  The research community has devoted countless hours to mitigating bias, with the understanding that bias doesn't simply go away.  
But what about the social implications of bias?  What about when biases affect educators' ability to provide a safe learning environment or clinicians' ability to provide care?  

Project Implicit hosted by Harvard University allows you to take implicit bias assessments multiple known areas of implicit bias.  The score received is an Implicit Association Test (IAT) score.  You can learn more about IAT measures here.

But what about next steps?  In the links below, you'll find you are taken to google drives with an assortment of articles devoted to navigating implicit bias and inequality.  We hope you find them useful for your journey, and feel free to upload what you find useful, too!


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