A Message of Gratitude for ASA

Hi everyone,

I was listening to the briefing this morning and I was impressed to yet again see your ASA president in attendance. When I started at AOMA, Tara Lattimore was president of ASA. She was extremely supportive and I remember wishing to the universe that I would get to have her as my clinical TA. I never thought I'd be that lucky. I was VERY LUCKY. I had Tara and Taryn as my TA's. They are two very dear friends now post-graduation and examples of incredible, brilliant, vibrant SHEroes.

Tara encouraged me to join ASA and see how I liked it. I started just by helping on the silent auction, but I was really taken back by their selflessness when Wellness Week rolled around. Finals were hitting everyone, and they were donating time they didn't have to enhance the lives of the campus. Tara wanted to do a co-presidency for the next cabinet, and I had the privilege to be co-president with Hannah Rudolph and serve in a cabinet with Reagan Taylor (who you definitely know is amaze-balls). Hannah was much better with humans than I am, so she handled socials and I handled things like the student voice survey. (ahem, foreshadowing)

Every year, you have a new cabinet, and while I've seen some hiccups, something remains true: students step forward and give of themselves on the off chance that they can make someone's life better. You're all in school for that purpose, and ASA takes it a step further to try to make the journey better. It's really a profound thing to watch year after year. Seeing ASA in every 8am briefing and seeing everything this cabinet has accomplished, I feel very blessed to have been able to witness the ASA cabinets from all different vantage points over the years.

And from the bottom of my heart, to every person who has served in ASA, THANK YOU!

It's the people who serve as supports and inspire us that make the acupuncture school journey special, and while not all of them are in ASA, ASA is a guaranteed group, from putting together SHEN weeks to making sure your voices are heard.

I hope you're all staying healthy and safe and taking care of yourselves during this time, and if you get a chance, reach out to your ASA... and consider joining and running for something.



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