AOMA Mentor of the Week: Aaron

Mentors are here to help new and existing students navigate all aspects of student life at AOMA. Each week we'll be featuring one of our amazing mentors on the blog so students can get to know them better and also know how to reach out. This week's featured mentor is Aaron Occhino!

Aaron Occhino is a 4th year student originally from AZ. When not studying, you'll find him playing guitar, singing, hanging with friends or his dog, and working! Feel free to reach out to him for any questions about your journey at AOMA.

What do you wish you had known when you had started AOMA?

I wish I had read more of the recommended readings from AOMA. These really help you understand the philosophy and meaning behind TCM and in my opinion can help you as a student and future practitioner. AOMA's list of recommended books can be found HERE

What helps you manage stress during hard times?

Regular exercise, meditation, healthy eating, and sleep!

Any overall advice for new AOMA students?

The program is challenging, but push through it because the growth you will have as an individual and professional in healthcare is worth it. This is one of the best schools you can attend for this medicine & you will receive the education you need to be successful.

Best way to contact Aaron:

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