AOMA Mentor of the Week: Charline

Mentors are here to help new and existing students navigate all aspects of student life at AOMA. Each week we'll be featuring one of our amazing mentors on the blog so students can get to know them better and also know how to reach out. This week's featured mentor is Charline Liu!

Charline started at AOMA in 2018 and prior to that she worked in marketing (which she still does for AOMA) along with being a pianist and piano teacher! She's also marketing chair of ASA and possibly the most hyper person you have ever met.

What do you wish you had known when you had started AOMA?

I wish I would have known to take it slower in the beginning, not just with the class load but the amount of pressure I placed on myself. It's a long process from the beginning of the program to the end and you don't want to burn out halfway through. Nothing is worth your sanity and mental health.

What helps you manage stress during hard times?

I usually manage stress by watching silly tv shows (Friends is my favorite for this) or playing the piano. I find that doing something to distract me from my stress and anxiety helps me the most. As for managing stress in school, I try and organize my notes, and study a little bit every day so I don't cram before exams. And most of all, I just take time out of my life to be with my friends and family.

Any overall advice for new AOMA students?

My best advice is to get to know the people in your cohort, the people in cohorts above you, and get involved in school (ASA, etc). Also, don't worry if some of the material doesn't stick immediately, the way the classes are structured you will go over the same material at least 3-5 times in different classes, and eventually, they will start to make sense in your head. If you are struggling though, reach out to your classmates, professors, mentors, tutors, etc. everyone is here to help you so don't be afraid to ask for it!

Best way to contact Charline:

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