AOMA Mentor of the Week: Jonathan

Mentors are here to help new and existing students navigate all aspects of student life at AOMA. Each week we'll be featuring one of our amazing mentors on the blog so students can get to know them better and also know how to reach out. This week's featured mentor is Jonathan Quintanilla!

Jonathan Quintanilla is a 4th year student who is an avid yogi, biker, and swimmer. He is trilingual and is great at helping students learn new things.

What do you wish you had known when you had started AOMA?

I wish I had spent more time really learning and studying the foundations of TCM without having to rely on notes all the time. So much of what you learn throughout the program in classes and clinics relies on your solid knowledge of foundations.

What helps you manage stress during hard times?

Prioritizing rest and sleep!

Any overall advice for new AOMA students?

Time management is key, especially if you are in the fast track. For your own mental health, being sure to make time for things that you enjoy outside of school is crucial. I also find it important to try and apply TCM material and knowledge to your everyday life, as it will help you understand the medicine better.

Best way to contact Jonathan:

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