AOMA Mentor of the Week: Latossha

Mentors are here to help new and existing students navigate all aspects of student life at AOMA. Each week we'll be featuring one of our amazing mentors on the blog so students can get to know them better and also know how to reach out. This week's featured mentor is Latossha Tifre!

Latossha Tifre is a naturopathic doctor and 2018 graduate of National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. She is currently in her final year as an acupuncture and Chinese herb student at AOMA.

What do you wish you had known when you had started AOMA?

I wish that I had spoken to classmates about where they lived before doing random searches on my own as well as with real estate agents for housing. Housing in Austin is extremely expensive, especially if you're a student.

What helps you manage stress during hard times?

I normally workout and spend time with family and friends.

Any overall advice for new AOMA students?

I searched for housing in Austin for more than a year both before and after I became a student at AOMA. For those of us who are not interested in having roommates, it's difficult to find reasonably priced housing in Austin. Be sure to speak to classmates about where they live in order to have a better idea about where to live. Also, upperclassmen generally give great advice. Don't be shy about asking them for advice about classes, studying techniques, housing, things to do for entertainment, etc.

Best way to contact Latossha: