Briefing Minutes 11.25


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 12,333,452 confirmed cases 157,531 new cases in 24 hours 257,016 deaths 1,058 new deaths in 24 hours

TX 1,115,371 confirmed cases 13,998 new cases in 24 hours 20,750 deaths 162 new deaths in 24 hours

Travis county 36,754 confirmed cases 468 deaths

- Yesterday afternoon, Austin-Travis County used the Warn Central Texas system to send an emergency alert to residents about the COVID-19 situation ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Warn Central Texas is the regional emergency notification system used across Central Texas to alert people during emergencies or other public safety events. Residents need to register cell phones and email addresses with Warn Central Texas to receive alerts. Landline phones are automatically opted into the system. To register, visit The message will be sent in English and Spanish. Cases and hospitalizations are rising in the area and across Texas. This message is a critical reminder to the community that everyone must do their part to combat COVID-19. Austinites should not gather with people they don’t live with during the Thanksgiving holiday. Additionally, the public needs to stay home as much as possible, wash their hands, and when in public wear a face covering and remain six feet apart from others. “I know we want to celebrate; I know we want to get together with our families; I know we want to do the things we normally do, but now is not the time for that,” said Dr. Mark Escott, Interim Austin-Travis County Health Authority. “Now is the time we have to be strong together by only gathering within our own household.”

- US News Today: It took almost six weeks for the pandemic to claim the lives of 3,000 Americans. In the last week that number of COVID deaths – about the number of fatalities in the 9/11 terror attacks – has been taking place in U.S. homes, hospitals and hospices every two days.

News of impending vaccines has instilled hope the pandemic will pass into history within months. But the road to that brighter future continues to darken – in the last seven days, the nation recorded a weekly record with 1.2 million new infections. On Monday, the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients surpassed 85,000 for the first time.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told Yahoo News the onset of colder weather and the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve could conspire to drive the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths even higher.

“Two to three thousand deaths a day times a couple of months, and you’re approaching a really stunning number of deaths," the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warned.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington projects that almost 200,000 more Americans will die by March 1.

-The City of Austin is launching a new health and wellness support line. Counselors from

Alliance Work Partners will offer short-term counseling for those dealing with feelings of

anxiety, isolation and depression.

"We're providing unlimited call-in and referral to resources ... elder care or child care, a 12-step

group in their neighborhood. We're also setting people up for counseling for relationship issues,

economic and relationship issues ... Anything that literally impacts a person's life," said Rick

Dielman with Alliance Work Partners.

- Our own Dr. Ben King(An Epidemiologist) is quoted in the journal Texas Observer in an article entitled “Texas health system has been underfunded, understaffed, and unprepared for years. Here, COVID-19 found the perfect place to spread. Here is the link to the article

2.Updates on any action items:

Food pantry is open today for anyone in need but store will be closed Thursday and Friday. Please call Michael Jewell or Mary Faria if food is needed over the Holiday. They can make arrangements for a pick-up. North Store is open on Saturday and Stephanee Owenby can arrange for a pick up there on that day.

3. Communication for our AOMA community? Any new issues?

Reminder that stores and clinics will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Holiday. South closed Saturday but north Clinic and Store will open.

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

-We start our Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow and we have so much to be thankful for.

November 25 is

National Play Day with Dad

National Parfait Day


Shopping Reminder Day

Tie One On Day – Day Before Thanksgiving

National Jukebox Day – Day Before Thanksgiving

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