Briefing Minutes 7.27

1. Case count update from DSHS website: as of 8am this morning = 19, 401 Travis county COVID-19 cases

2. Updates/check-ins from different departments:

· Clinic Update: Students starting “real” patients in clinics today! Schedule is fairly light, less than 50% booking at North clinic.

· TCM seasonal update from Dr. Jing Fan: July 20-September 20 = increased dampness due to weather

o Star of Wood (Jupiter) is bright, Star of Earth (Saturn) is diminished, so Wood will overtake Earth

o Now is a time to take care of the digestive system!

o Sweet and Bitter

o Tonify Spleen and drain dampness

· Academics update from Dr. Mandyam: Students coming into USA to take online classes only aren’t being allowed entry; Chengdu consulate closed.

3. Communication for AOMA community?

· Wipes have not arrived yet, but Michael will update clinics when/if they arrive this week.

· Plasma Air filtration system was installed in ½ of our AC units North! Second installation is pending a supply backorder.

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