Briefing Minutes 7.29

Briefing Minutes 7/29

1. Case count update from DSHS website: as of 8am this morning = 19, 720 Travis county COVID-19 cases

2. Updates/check-ins from different departments:

· Clinics: One shipment of disinfecting wipes arrived yesterday, another should be arriving this week, and a third sometime next week.

· Clinics: In response to a question from Dr. Garrison, Dr. Jing confirmed that tongue-checking in clinic should be performed at the supervisor discretion and doesn’t need to be done, but if it is done it must be performed behind the plastic partition AND with the provider wearing a mask and a face shield.

· Academics: Dr. Mandyam asked Dr. Garrison if he could refrain from having students examine the oral cavity during Physical Assessment class for safety reasons (i.e. would require de-masking and close proximity.)

o Dr. Garrison confirmed that Dr. Mandyam had the authority to modify his course work as the instructor and stated that it seemed like a reasonable modification for a valid reason.

· Infection Control: Dr. Mandyam asked when the campus reopening team would be meeting next; Stephanee and Dr. Garrison confirmed that neither had received an Outlook invite yet and so did not know.

o Will discuss with Mary when she returns from vacation on Monday.

· DSHS Weekly Call Update:

o Two seroprevalence studies mentioned, one by JAMA and one by MMWR, looking at antibody presence in different parts of the US.

§ JAMA study found that seroprevalence range was 1-7%, MMWR study found that seroprevalence was 1%.

§ MMWR study also looked at active infections, and over 44% of active cases studied had no noticeable symptoms.

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