Briefing Minutes 8.12


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 5,064,171 confirmed cases 40,552 new cases in 24 hours 162,407 deaths 565 new deaths in 24 hours

TX 500,620 confirmed cases 8,913 new cases in 24 hours 8,710 deaths 220 new deaths in 24 hours Travis county 22,953 confirmed cases 271 deaths

2.Updates on any action items:

- In Clinics electronic document exchange system is up and running so we are now able to take new patients electronically!

3. Communication for our AOMA community? Any new issues?

- All staff/faculty coming onto campus must get screened each day before entering for work. Students and Faculty screen south in Building B by a screener, north by a screener as they enter the Clinic, Stores self-screen within the stores, all others at our south location MUST first enter into Building D (northside, Western Trails side) to self-screen then exit Building D into the courtyard before entering any other building. Daily screening is required of all of us at this time!!

-Please close the wipes containers after use. Wipes are very hard to find and although we now have a source of high quality wipes they are expensive. We need everyone’s help to safe guard our critical supplies. Forgetting to close the wipes containers allows the wipes to dry out and thus no longer usable, a terrible waste. So PLEASE close those wipes containers!!!

-At south clinics when using the temperature come down room PLEASE make sure the entrance door is locked before leaving for the day. Yesterday the door was left unlocked. Not locking the door leaves us at risk for theft or vandalism and personal safety for staff.

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

- For the first time in our country’s history we have a woman of color as nominee for Vice President. Kamela Harris will be Joe Bidden’s running mate on the Democratic ticket.

- Today is National Middle Child day, National Julienne Fries Day, National Vinyl Day and Congressional Startup Day. Tomorrow is International Lefthanders Day!

- Our HR contract firm offers a training in inclusiveness and diversity. We are partnering with Dr. Jonathan Ortiz who will be teaching a course on racism and health disparities in the Fall here at AOMA. Our hope is to develop a good training course for our faculty and our staff on inclusion, diversity, racism and implicit bias.

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