Corona Virus Daily Briefing Minutes


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

- This morning it was announced that two cases of the virus are presumed confirmed for Austin, the two individuals tested positive by local health authorities but still need testing by CDC.

- From DSHS call last evening:

-25 cases (not included the 2 new in Austin) in Harris, Tarrant, Montgomery, Dallas, Ft. Bend and now Travis counties.

-Nationally 1, 215 cases, an increase of 277 since yesterday, 1099 from community spread

-Testing still a challenge but commercial labs, hospitals and other local health agency labs are coming on board

-Recommended mitigation strategies include: stay home if sick, stack up on everyday essentials, wash hands, actively practice social separation, disinfect all common use surfaces each day, for schools determine short term and long-term closures, for workplaces review leave policies, implement social distancing, limit travel, consider health checks

- Recent non-peer reviewed study to be published in New England Journal of Medicine showed survivability of the virus 2-3 days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. But study had very specific conditions 65% humidity, 70 degrees F temp.

- CDC will be issuing lab guidance, Nasal pharyngeal swabs will be used for testing. Oral pharyngeal will no longer be required.

- Question about emergency responders transporting affected patients. Paramedics in full PPE would still quarantine 14 days. Emergency vehicle would return to service after full disinfectant cleaning.

- Question about reusable masks that APD is using. These can safely be used as long as the manufacturers instructions for cleaning are followed.

- Question about defining large gatherings. There is no definition, joking said “two’s company , three’s a crowd”. Ability to keep social separation would be a guideline. Suggest putting up signage, put hand washing stations or gel stations, but all factors must be considered for each gathering.

- Question regarding someone refusing quarantine. Contact local health authorities in these cases.

- School closures have been individual school decision there is no standard at this time.

- Phil has info from other TCM schools, PCOM will shift all didactic cases to on-line will go into effect Monday. Clinics are remaining open. AOMA’s President’s Cabinet will discuss what other action AOMA should take as the situation evolves for Austin.

- Question: Should we be requiring staff to quarantine if been traveling, it is up to the given institution, self- monitoring for 14 days is also an option

- Other questions can be sent to

- Public Health Department’s mission is to slow transmission, protect people at high risk and protect the healthcare systems

- Call Center at DSHS will be open 24/7

2. Updates on action items:

- We did approval from ACAOM through April 21. All will be forwarded to SASCOC, this will cover THEB.

- Clinic Screening update meeting will occur on Tuesday, Dr. Shen and Dr. Jing will attend

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures, unavailable supplies, etc.)

- Tracking students, tracking for staff is needed as well, will mimic what we are doing for students. Reminder to be cautious of privacy!

- Will set up Zoom today to use for the Daily Briefing moving forward. We should be able to set up a means by which multiple folks can call in, if not, will simply send a zoom invite to all those who have regularly been participating.

- AOMA community clinics have not changed at this time. The affiliates will be the ones to make the decision at this time. We will let the affiliate Clinics drive these

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