Corona Virus Daily Briefing Minutes

1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

- Gov. Abbot declared State Disaster, this allows Texas to now receive supplies from the national stockpile and will facilitate the ability to do telemedicine

- As reported this am, there are 6 confirmed cases in Austin

- As of Friday 1,264 cases statewide, 36 deaths Counties impacted now include Harris, Ft. Bend, Montgomery, Dallas, Tarrant, Bell, Collin, Gregg, Smith and now Travis

- Suggesting individuals not stockpile supplies, stores will shorten hours to shelve new inventory. Primary goal is to stop spread and this is everyone’s responsibility. Do all the things that have been advised, avoid unnecessary travel, wash hands and gel often and properly, avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth, clean common use surfaces before and after use, practice social distancing

- For more information see

- Testing capacity still limited but improving as commercial labs begin testing. At this time only those with symptoms, especially in high risk category, or who have symptoms and traveled within 14 days. Primary symptoms are fever, dry cough and lower respiratory issues.

- Public Health priority for testing include: Healthcare professionals so they may continue to care for others, those with no risk factors but are symptomatic, those in high risk categories, those who are ill and hospitalized for no reason

- If a patient doesn’t meet the criteria above a physician could still order testing can order through one of commercial labs now offering testing

- Current community mitigation is staged, Stage I – make emergency plans to work from home if possible, Stage II – social distancing, Stage III, extensive teleworking

- CDC is still recommending repeat testing, positive patients will have two negative swab tests before released/cleared from quarantine. BUT criteria is continuously changing.

- Decisions for distribution of supplies from the national stockpile will be made by local health authorities

- For suggestions like UV lighting us CDC guidelines (there are no specific guidelines for this with CDC, it is not listed as a mitigation or prevention strategy)

- A new phone number will be mailed for the DSHS daily 4pm meeting. The current conference bridge will not work on 3/16.

- PCC student/patient issue, Billy Z. will report back

- N. Store will close today due to staffing

- Community Clinics, we will move to thermometer screenings prior to visits to stores and clinics. Processes must be worked through.

2. Updates on action items:

- For our own clinics N or S, if we find supervisors sick they must go home

- Supervisor shifts will be reviewed and gaps filled as we are able to do so, some clinic may have to be cancelled and rescheduled

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures, unavailable supplies, etc.)

- We must follow the guidelines of our local health authorities who are following CDC closely

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