Corona Virus Daily Briefing Minutes


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

- US 7038, increase of 2812 since yesterday 97 deaths

54 States and Territories are impacted

83 cases, Increase of 19 since yesterday TX 2 deaths

Community spread appears to be increasing

- Testing in our state is increasing almost 700 tested in public health labs so far 1210 in commercial labs

- # of confirmed cases will continue to rise We must act now, the next few weeks are critical to prevent spread but will take all of us complying and doing as has been advised

Older adults and those with underlying conditions are most at risk, they must stay home and avoid unnecessary outings

- Strategic National stockpile, will go to areas where needed most, healthcare and first responders

- Avoid face to face meetings, keep groups to less than 10 and include social distancing

Mitigating the spread is everyone’s responsibility, cover cough and sneezing, clean commonly used surfaces, always use social distancing

Community mitigation

- Social distancing is critical with more suspected community transmission (not related to travel or contact with a known case). Can impact pace of spread if we don’t follow social distancing. We are learning from other communities that social distancing works.

Stay out of crowded places, avoid group gathering, and stay 6 feet apart are PROVEN to work!

- Focusing on social distancing because easy to implement and effective so we are all asked to comply.

If you need to venture out of your home keep 6 feet away from others.

Those sick should stay at home and isolate from any well individuals even if mildly ill (most will not need tested) 80% will fall into the mild category. DSHS Website has info on self-care and how long to wait before going back to school or work. Our hospitals/healthcare system will be overwhelmed so mild symptoms should stay home.

If in a high-risk category you should contact your doctor if you have a fever, or respiratory condition. Ask you doctor to help with decision of next steps for yourself.

- Cancel non-urgent elective surgical procedures.

- People really need to be watching health after doing any travel even domestic. It is recommended they isolate for 14 days on return home.

- Lab capacity now up to 150 tests per day in Austin and across the state

CDC has released new guidance on PPE, find on DSHS website Strategies for optimizing your supply of PPE. Will help us get through this time of shortage of PPE, help us to prioritize and extend use!

- It is advised the steroids not be used for treatment of COVID 19

2.Updates on action items:

- Pilot for On-line testing for herbal services going went well we will do next iteration of pilot and prepare to launch soon

- Our academic leaders have developed opportunities per ACAOM guidance on how to provide students hours for didactic and clinical practicum with acupuncture and herbs. Some students may continue into break week to get more hours. This starts Friday with 3 different supervisors. Special thanks to Dr. Shen who has made himself very available, also Dr. Fan and Dr. Song helping on Fridays. As Pro Clinic begins offering Traditional Chinese Medicine telemedicine students will have the opportunity to observe.

- With only one staff member in herbal dispensaries currently, Lesley is helping a few hours each day. Phil will also begin coming to learn so he may help as well. Our thanks to Dr. Lesley and Dr. Phil!

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures,

unavailable supplies, etc.)

What needs to be added to the update on the website updates?

- Info Chinese herbal telemedicine once we are ready to fully launch including message that if patient doesn’t reach clinic staff leave a message and we’ll get back to you. Stephanee and Lesley will work on appropriate verbiage.

- Dr. Jing has information on how China is treating patients with the virus. The file is large but we will determine how to best post this.


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