Coronavirus Briefing Meeting Minutes 6.5


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 1,842,101 confirmed cases 107,029 deaths

TX 69,920 confirmed cases 1,767 deaths Travis county 3,501 confirmed cases 95deaths

- Article recently published in JAMA Pediatrics, Children’s hospital in NY, looked at children and adolescents who have been hospitalized with COVID. Obesity was significantly associated with severe response to COVID.

- Study of early circulation of the virus. Evidence for Jan 21-Feb 23 2020 14 US cases in US all related to travel to China. Feb. 26 first non-travel related confirmed then two days later another or case in Seattle, that appears to be related to travel to Europe. Trying to get some insight when virus was truly introduced into the US. Looked at surveillance based on Emergency Department visits. Information regarding early circulation of the virus helps us better understand transmission and how circulation occurs.

- Study of Txt Hydroxychloroquine in 821 patients for prophylaxis did not prevent illness compatible with COVID so did not show benefit for use as prophylaxis but other studies are going on that can confirm this study. Much controversy over use of this drug.

- Clinical trial of anti-parasitic agent(name?) that is FDA approved so may be useful and is helpful that it is already FDA approved to can more quickly be distributed for use

- Regarding vaccines, the White House has selected 5 companies with best promise to produce the vaccine for mass production and distribution. A proactive measure in anticipation of a COVID vaccine.

- To date there 119 tests approved to detect COVID. Public Health authorities as that we all ensure that labs we use and tests we use are those for which FDA has issued an emergency use EUA

-Yesterday Gov Abbott announced Phase III of re-opening allowing all businesses working at 25% capacity to now increase to 50%.

- Isolation guidance for those who have tested positive for COVID is published. There are two methods a system based strategy, and a test case strategy. Neither method is preferred over the other. The test case strategy has been used for healthcare workers. CDC website can provide details of each strategy.

-Communication is a primary means of fighting the virus. Progress of disease usually measured in days so information must be accurate but also needs to be shared quickly, in a method equivalent to texting. This is challenging public health officials but they are adapting in this new world of social media.

2.Updates on action items:

- This afternoon is next pilot for Clinic opening and will include testing two practitioners and 4 patients. This will be a very helpful in getting us closer to understanding what it will take to open clinics safely. Many thanks to Stephanee and Dr. Jing for leading this and to those who have volunteered to participate. If you have interest in volunteering to participate in one of the clinic re-opening pilots let Dr. Jing or Stephanee know.

-DSAH and APH phone weekly phone updates will now be reduced to 1 day per week. Tuesdays at 4pm so updates from that meeting will only occur at our Wednesday Daily Briefing. Tuesday 8am meeting is dedicated to updates on clinic re-opening, Thursdays 8am meeting will be dedicated to campus re-opening updates. This leaves M and F for a general briefing on any topic or could be used for the Store re-opening plans/updates.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

Not today

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

- Clinic operation staff meeting today good opportunity for a group meeting

- Clinic registration going OK. Ashley would love herbal tea in her care package or chocolate

-Agree to use One Notes vs Google doc for our updates on re-openings

-Today is Gingerbread day, and National attitude day

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