Coronavirus Briefing Minutes 6.8


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 1,920,904 confirmed cases 109,901 deaths

TX 74,978 confirmed cased 1,830 deaths Travis county 3,662 confirmed cases 97 deaths

-As of 6:30 p.m. last evening – Travis County is reporting no new COVID-19 deaths, and the number of coronavirus cases in the county rose by 35 overnight, bringing the total to 3,697. It's estimated that nearly 3,071 people in Travis County have recovered from COVID-19. 

-Williamson County officials announced that as of June 7, WilCo has 162 active cases of coronavirus. In total, the county is reporting 501 recoveries.

As of 4:30 p.m. – Here are the latest COVID-19 data from the Texas Department of State Health Services: 

· The statewide positivity rate average jumped to 7.55%, its highest since April 23.

· Hospitalizations are up to 1,878, only 10 shy of the high point on May 5.

· 11 new deaths in Texas, which is a relatively low number compared to other days

· There were 1,425 new cases reported, which is fewer than the past few days.

· 1 new death (139 total) in the Greater Austin area, which was in Williamson County

2.Updates on action items:

- Pantry has 6 grocery bags available for anyone in need

- Friday’s pilot was outstanding teaching us a great deal and generated some good ideas that will be

helpful in the campus re-opening too.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

- Pool noodle social distancing hats are being tested by Billy and his family. These actually could

be helpful in our pilots to help us understand all the boundaries needed for keeping physical


4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

Today is Name your poison day, upsy daisy day, Best Friends Day

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