Coronavirus Daily Briefing Meeting Minutes


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

2,552 cases reported and 34 deaths

Greater than 25K tests

- Trying to prevent deaths and a surge in cases that could overwhelm our healthcare system.

- Spread is accelerating so must not let up on our preventive measures

- 59 countries having a level III travel warning

- Since no vaccines or medicines available we are relying on our mitigation strategies

-Shared case of nursing home that had a very rapid spread despite preventive measures in place so may have been a resident who was a symptomatic

-Not enough evidence to tell people not to take NSAIDS if concerned take Tylenol If you are taking at your doctors’ direction don’t stop until speaking to your doctor. There is no clear answer from experts. Some experts say the NASAIDS may make you more infectable but no clear evidence yet.

- It was announced that Sheltering in place is extended to April 30th across the nation. Lesley will send information out regarding how this will impact

2.Updates on action items:

-Containers for Wipes left at S. Store for N. Store/Clinic. Stephanee picked those up.

- At this time no set hours at each of the store, S is working approximately 1-6 M-F , 10-1 on Sat

N Store is dependent on staffing and the availability of Dr. Song or Stephanee.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures,

unavailable supplies, etc.)

- For employees please see notice on Families First Coronavirus Response Act sent on Friday also posted. Lots of questions and not clear answers regarding the Act. One question is regarding school closures related to COVID 19. Many legal experts are providing guidance to employers on how to interpret the act. As we know more, we will share. All employers though are required to communicate the existence of the Act to all employees before April 1 when the Act goes into effect.

- On student website there’s a new bar that students can go to learn about everyday offerings at lunch. Some great ways to stay connected.

- Question regarding Student clinics. There can be no real patients at this time because of Shelter in Place so faculty will pull from clinical files. Will be more case review.

- Question regarding employees who may be asking about returning to work. Alisha, Stephanee and Mary to meet to discuss Clinic staff, but is also an organizational wide issue. Linda and Mary will be meeting to discuss how we can manage work organizationally moving forward.

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