Coronavirus Daily Briefing Minutes


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

- CDC- US now has 15219, 201 deaths all 50 states DC and 3 US territories

- In Texas death total has risen to 5 . It will take all of us to protect our community

- 194 cases an increase of 61 from yesterday(Thursday)

- 34 Tx counties with confirmed ( 7 more counties)


- More people being tested 1168 in Texas by public health labs – 4109 by commercial labs

- Expecting many more cases – every person shall avoid public gatherings – no restaurants except for delivery or carry out, no bars, stores are now required to enforce social distancing

- Do not visit nursing homes, schools are closed, pharmacy and banks are still acceptable, but most are not allowing walk-in only drive through

- Continue strategies to slow the spread of the disease. This is everyone’s responsibility, stay home when sick, clean surfaces, etc.

- 211 can refer callers to COVID-19

- Gratitude to the healthcare workers and grocery staff

Community Mitigation:

-Continue to ask that we stay at home – only go to grocery store, pharmacy and cancel anything with more than 10 people. We aim to flatten the curve we are dealing with prolonging the disease due to community spread.

- There is one new published article JAMA characteristics and outcomes of 21 patients in Washington state

o Describes clinical presentations of critical cases of COVID 19. They showed co-morbidities. 60% had other diseases (mentioned chronic kidney disease)

o Overall 50% of those admitted to the ICU died. Of note, when they looked at those about 15% had another viral infection

- Lab update

o Increasing capacity at Austin public health labs. Positive test from any lab is now confirmed as COVID positive. No need for additional verification.

- Question: Pets allowed in nursing homes? – no restrictions on pets – CDC urge pets not to be around people with COVID 19.

- Day care and sick children – COVID? No separate guidance for discontinuing isolation (found on website and CDC) but protocols will be developed, right now check CDC

- If child is not tested and have symptoms? – still recommendations that presumes COVID and so kids or anyone with symptoms at this point – fever and respiratory symptoms isolation at least within 72 hours right away after fever – quarantine for at least 14 days.

- One of the areas that will fall under crisis PPE strategies – if we don’t have any – then perhaps using cloth masks –

o No specifications on how they should be made or out of what material

o Not considered PPE as they have not been tested

o – In crisis situation with PPE – if we do continue to see shortages that can’t be improved there will be federal guidelines on how to use them, including development and design.

o We might get to that point and hopefully have more information

- Elective surgeries are there any plans or mandates for health facilities? Nothing at the moment it is a dynamic situation and PPE is just not available. Demand currently exceeds the supply.


2.Updates on action items:

- Saturday worked well, but will require 2 with volume of voicemail

- Huge kudos to Ralf’s innovation that is allow us to safely dispense herbal prescriptions!

There is a clear demand for herbs and all we can do to provide will help our patients and help AOMA’s business as well. I was impressed with the number of voicemails at the N. Clinic on Friday, so very grateful to Dr. Song, Stephanee, Russ, Lesley and all involved in helping us get Dr. Song’s plan executed.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures,

unavailable supplies, etc.)

- We have an AOMA community member experiencing flu like symptoms. We will explore necessary steps.

- Two of our students also experiencing some symptoms. One found out that at least one friend they shared time with has tested positive. One student is not eligible for testing. All are quarantining. Reminder to us all that we MUST do all the things that have been advised, social distancing, vigilant handwashing, stay at home if you can, etc.

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