Coronavirus Daily Briefing Minutes


Resent calendar appointment for Daily Briefing, set for 1 hour but will hold to 30 minutes.

Big news City of Austin will go to shelter in place announcement will be made today.

What sheltering in place will mean in Dallas County

  • Anyone residing in Dallas County must stay in their home, apartment or hotel or motel room.

  • They may leave if they work at an essential job or need to run an essential errand, such as going to the grocery store or doctor’s office.

  • All gatherings — public or private — outside a household are banned regardless of size.

  • Outside exercise is permitted. So is walking pets. But you must walk, run or bike 6 feet away from other people.

  • What is an essential job? Broadly, health care work is considered essential, as are government jobs that provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public, such as first responders. People who work in construction, public transportation, utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric, sanitation, internet, telecommunications, etc.) are also considered essential, as well as food service providers, such as grocery stores and restaurants that prepare food only for delivery or carry-out.

  • Residents are prohibited from attending religious services. They may be broadcast, but only 10 staff members are allowed on-site during the taping.

  • Weddings are prohibited. Funerals are allowed, but social distancing of 6 feet is required.

  • All elective surgeries, dental work and doctor visits are prohibited. These could include chiropractors and some physical therapy. People should consult with their health care providers.

1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

-One report 33k, John Hopkins reports41K, know that data will vary depending on timing and other factors. The trend is important, cases increase by 18K since Friday. Over 400 deaths, which means it doubled over the weekend.

-Up to 8 deaths in TX as of yesterday this number may have increased in last 24 hours

-352 confirmed cases in TX but could be different depending on source

-Community Spread is a fact

-46 counties reporting confirmed cases increase of 12 since Friday

-1175 by TX public health labs 8480 from TX commercial labs

-Please continue using prevention measures

-Gov. Abbott is allowing temp permits to advanced nursing student, and easing other requirements to build nursing capacity at this time, retired nurses and physicians are being asked to reactivate their licenses

-Bed capacity is becoming very limited; beds are being prioritized for only life-threatening situations

- Allowing Pharmacists to conduct consultations via telephone

- Employers who remain open must ensure employees use strict infection prevention measures or work from home. Basic hygiene and social distancing are most important

Our collective actions are needed


- Trying to flatten the curve trying by doing things in our communities that will prevent spread.

- Big issues are huge demand for ventilators and dwindling supply with so many people needing ventilators at the same time, also if too many healthcare workers get sick that would overwhelm our healthcare system. So much effort to keep our healthcare workers safe. Interventions may have to be maintained for several months. Need all of us to understand rationale of the strategies and use them. Social distancing, health screenings (temp or symptoms before allowed to enter work, limit all travel), stay at home as much as possible all are necessary strategies. Stay home if you are sick should avoid going out at all. If mildly ill stay at home and take care of yourself there. At home care is provided on dshs website, including when you discontinue isolation.

- Trying to increase lab capacity in TX. Currently public labs testing in Austin, Tyler, Paris, Houston, Lubbock, Harlingen, and Corpus Christi

- CDC just came out with new guidance over the weekend included on dshs website. Includes talking to children about the pandemic, how to keep them safe, therapeutic options for CV19, how to disinfect your facility, guidance for retirement communities, jail and correctional facilities coming soon.

- FDA website has good info on PPE.

- CDC COCA phone calls directed at clinicians for care of patients. Underlying med conditions and people at risk Tues 1pm central, Wed 1-2 Optimization strategies on PPE. Search CDC COCA on Google.

DSHS public media campaign #Stay home Texas, will be an attempt to keep reminding us to stay safe

2.Updates on action items:

- Herbal dispensaries are staying busy especially with orders to mail.

- Limitation on shipping such as with E-fong. Some items ordered have been received

- Make up clinic schedule, Lesley is putting schedule together focus is on students who should graduate this term or in Spring 20.. Determining how faculty to discuss their cases and to provide this effectively via Zoom

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures,

unavailable supplies, etc.)

- Dr. Song will organize a series of panel discussions that can include other providers from PCC or UT School of Pharmacy. Will discuss how TCM has played a role in the prevention and treatment of CV19 in China and the value of integrative approaches in combating this virus. These discussions may provide some make up opportunities for our students.

- Website will be updated as soon as verbiage to use on herbal telehealth is received.

- We will keep AOMA in distance learning mode and staff working at home through Sunday April 12th as approved by President’s Cabinet yesterday. Today’s Shelter in Place directive for the City of Austin, Travis and Williamson counties may require us to extend even more.

CCAOM townhall at 5:30 CST today

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