Coronavirus Daily Briefing Minutes


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

-US 395,011 cases, 12,754 deaths, over 100K of these cases are in NY

-TX more than 9,353 cases deaths 177 Travis county has 554 cases

-CDC now recommending a face covering for everyone in public places, will not necessarily protect but will help to prevent any spread from wearer

- DSHS shared example in Louisiana where Individual with mild symptoms who did not seek medical assistance, attended a funeral, shared a meal, hugged others, etc, resulted in 16 cases with transmission within non-household contact, 3 ended up dying. This was before social distancing was in place in this community. Social distancing now in place and it has made a difference in the community’s ability to control spread.

-KXAN provided a news piece on which neighborhoods are at greatest risk for the virus and East Austin appears to have highest risk

2.Updates on action items:

-Robert will send information on Clinic Theatre II for the past term out to students. Lesley will remind all students that all classes are on Zoom except Herbal Dispensary. Faculty to set up each course and clinic and put the meeting in hyperlinks then email students to go to the hyperlink to get into the class. One click in URL will provide the hyperlink, password is already in the URL

-Zoom meeting with Zoom CEO to was reassuring about security taken. Numerous steps have been taken to correct. Highly recommended we all use automated meeting id and use passwords. Autogenerating is much more secure than allowing individual id and passwords to be reused. Tracking is now gone for privacy purposes; some features will come and go to make them more secure. No new features will be added for at least 3 months because focus is security.

-CCAOM meeting very collaborative very collegial the angst against ACAOM is much softened because there is now a greater understanding of the restrictions ACAOM has with their own accreditors.

- Lesley will poll each supervisor regarding how virtual clinics are going but anecdotally all seems to be going well. Dr. Wu has over 250 cases that can be used.

- Letter from SACSCOC provided update on Temporary Emergency Relocation of Instruction (on-line teaching). “Because of the coronavirus outbreak presents an unusual challenge to estimating the date instruction will resume at the original location, notification are by default accepted for 120 day maximum”. The original waiver was 90 days. Should there be a need to extend beyond 120 days AOMA will need to submit a request for approval for temporary emergency relocation.

- A Food Support plan was developed to assist students, staff and faculty who may find themselves needing food assistance. ASA has agreed to manage this effort, but we are all pleased to be able to provide this type of support in a safe manner.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

Nothing additional to those items mentioned above in #2.

4. Good news or positive experience in past 24 hours

Lesley’s Gardening processing kitchen almost ready!

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