Coronavirus Daily Briefing Minutes 6.22


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 2,248,209 confirmed cases 119,615 deaths

TX 111,601 confirmed cases 2,182 deaths Travis county 5,704 confirmed cases 109 deaths

- On Saturday, Travis county set another daily record in new coronavirus cases: 418. That was 41.6% jump over the last single day record of 295 set on Friday. The 29 new hospital admissions on Saturday pushed the seven-day rolling average number of hospitalizations (a key figure that will determine future mitigation strategies and an indicator of hospital capacity – to an all-time high of 28.6 continuing a troubling upward trend.

- Of those testing positive for the virus, 60% are Hispanic, according to recent Austin data. Travis county officials have said that concerns remain about the disproportionate impact the virus is having on the Hispanic community as well as people living in nursing homes. Non-hispanic whites account for about 28% of cases, 7% are Black and 3% are Asian.

- Reminder for anyone having symptoms there is free COVID testing through Austin Public Health. Go to the website and take the self-assessment, if you meet the criteria you will then be able to schedule a free test at a local Austin Public Health facility. You must be in a vehicle to be tested at these sites.


2.Updates on any action items:

3. Communication for our AOMA community? Any new issues?

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

- Preparation for our virtual 2020 commencement ceremony continued on Saturday and the rain cleared up just in time so that filming could take place around the pond in the courtyard

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