Coronavirus Daily Briefing Minutes 7.1


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 2,581,229confirmed cases (a more than 35K increase over yesterday) 126,739 deaths (an increase of 370 over yesterday)

TX 159,986 confirmed cases 2,424 deaths 8,969 Travis county 121 confirmed deaths

Our national health leader Dr. Fauci predicts we’ll be at 100,000 cases per day soon at the rate of increase we are seeing in this country if we all don’t take the necessary action to keep each other safe.

Austin-Travis County health officials on Sunday reported another record number of newly confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease linked to the coronavirus. Sunday’s tally of 636 new cases is a 26% jump over the last single-day record of 506 new cases, which was set one week ago.

Health officials did not release daily case total on Friday due to software maintenance and instead released that total in combination with Saturday’s figures for a two-day total of 728 positive cases. It’s not clear how that total is divided between the two days.

Austin Public Health also reported 60 new hospitalizations Sunday. The new hospital admissions on Sunday increased the seven-day rolling average number of hospitalizations — a key figure that determines mitigation strategies and an indicator of hospital capacity — to 52, up from 25.7 one week ago.

The total number of confirmed cases in the county is now at 8,969.

-Elective surgeries are again suspended in Travis Co.

-It is recommended that in addition to masking eye protection be worn as an additional safety measure. Research is also showing that face masks are recommended over other types of face coverings.

2.Updates on any action items:

- Please make sure if you are on campus working that you lock doors and turn off lights. We found a door unlocked at Building A.

3. Communication for our AOMA community? Any new issues?

- July 4th holiday will be observed this Friday. Full-Time Faculty please remember didactic classes and other virtual classes are NOT cancelled, yes nothing cancelled for clinics or classes but FT faculty will get their holiday pay.

- Link from AOMALife getting back to meeting update the links

- Tuesday is a possibility for next pilot North.

- As in the minutes of June 24th this is just a reminder about a Zoom update:

Starting July 19th, Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. 

We have designed these security measures to give you control over your meeting security options while keeping the join experience as frictionless as possible.

· For meetings that do not have either a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled by July 19th, Zoom will enable a Waiting Room for you

· You can customize the Waiting Room experience with an approved list of domains that can bypass the Waiting Room and directly join the meeting

· You can find meetings that are scheduled without a Passcode by pulling the following report

· For meeting join information, we are renaming “Passwords” to “Passcodes” to better align with its role of allowing people in a meeting

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

-Today is national joke day, gingersnap day, creative ice cream flavor day, international reggae day, postal worker day, zip code day, second half of the year day.

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