Coronavirus Daily Briefing Minutes 7.6


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

-US 2,841,906 confirmed cases (an increase of more than 52,000 in 24 hours) 129,576 deaths (an increase of 271 in 24 hours)

-TX 191,790 confirmed cases 2,608 deaths Travis county 11,009 confirmed cases (an increase of over 2000 cases since last Wednesday when I last reported) 134 deaths

- Although not conclusive as more research by the National Academy of Sciences is being done to determine how COVID is spread there appears to be evidence that it may be aerosolized. If this is the case masking is critically important. Note: the research is not conclusive.

-Today Austin Public Health will set up testing for people in neighborhoods where there are high case numbers reported. Residents of those neighborhoods will be prioritized. APH is contracting with a company called imaware, which will provide pop up testing sites. These will not be drive through, so those living in the area can walk up but everyone is encouraged to go by vehicle if possible. Walk ups will be accepted but appointments won’t be guaranteed day of. Austin Public Health recently announced that  it would no longer test asymptomatic people, because the system was getting overwhelmed and there wasn’t enough capacity for everyone wanting to be tested.

APH is encouraging anyone who needs a test and has health insurance to instead contact his or her doctor or insurance provider, freeing up the City of Austin’s testing for uninsured patients.

-Hydroxychloroquine still in the news as more research is being conducted and one study appears to show that it may be useful for treatment.

2.Updates on any action items:

- Dr. Jing Fan, Reagan and Phil have been working through sorting through all the summer clinics 75% of students seem to want to be in clinics and 25% do not want be on site, but prefer Zoom. We are trying to accommodate everyone Trying to please as many as possible. We will consolidate clinics north to more safely accommodate everyone.

- There are also learnings from other Acupuncturists in Austin. One acupuncturist screened 3 patients whose temperatures were slightly high, the patients were not allowed to continue but referred to a primary physician. All have tested positive, demonstrating that the temperature screening is critical.

We are using the same IF thermometers but we should determine if threshold should be set lower. We must also make sure our thermometers remain properly calibrated. We will address all of this in the Clinic re-opening planning meeting tomorrow.

3. Communication for our AOMA community? Any new issues?

- Diane will be sending an email out today regarding feedback on clinical observations, also inviting students to participate in focus groups to also give feedback

-Community Clinics will be cancelled as selections and we will be moving all students to AOMA sited clinics until the affiliated clinics re-open, in other words there will be a consolidation for acupuncture hands on clinics and most likely to our N. Clinic location for the Summer term.

- ACC is using an app for it’s student for clinical practicums. We need to speak to someone at ACC to understand how this will work logistically as students appear to be able to work on an honor system and can opt out of sharing findings.

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

- Lesley’s Garden has done well, she has been making salsa, has had a great crop of tomatoes, has made veggie chips and needs ideas for what to do with an overabundance of fig plums. Says getting preserving jars is difficult and for those you can find the cost is very high.

-Today is world kissing day (careful with that during this pandemic) and national fried chicken day

- Diane Installed new bathroom floor over the weekend and all went well

- Mary doesn’t have a garden but lots of animals are returning to their property including bunnies, fox, and armadillos. Enjoyed watching them all over the weekend.


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