Coronavirus Meeting Minutes 4.13

I greatly apologize for the delay in publishing these minutes. I did not realize I had saved it only as a draft.




1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

-US 525,704 cases, deaths 20,486

-TX 13, 484 cases, 271 deaths, 744 cases in Travis County

2.Updates on action items:

- We have 5-6 bags of groceries that have been donated as part of student and staff support during this time. ASA will provide information on the process for delivery and pick up of the bags.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

-Diane posts the Daily Briefing minutes in the student website at

-Brian is suggesting planning for Summer orientation on-line. He and Diane will meet to develop a plan in the event we must continue virtual work through the Summer.

- Don’t forget Daily Briefing will now be held M, W and F starting this week

4. Good news or positive experience in past 24 hours

-Dr. Jing hosted a wonderful supervisor meeting yesterday. Faculty shared best practices. It was a very engaging and interactive session and spoke volumes about how outstanding our Faculty are at AOMA. They have done an amazing job ensuring students continue their education but also

supporting this significant shift in learning (and teaching) and considering the emotional support needed at this time.

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