Coronavirus Meeting Minutes 4.15


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

-US 576,005 confirmed cases, 22,252 deaths

-TX 14,624 cases 318 deaths 2,580 recovered cases

-Austin 900 cases 14 deaths

-Austin everyone is to mask when in any public places

People should be prepared for coronavirus face-covering mandates issued Monday to last well beyond their current May 8 expiration date, said Dr. Mark Escott, interim health authority for Austin and Travis County.

The penalty for not wearing a facial mask in public is a $1,000 fine and up to 180 days in jail. Children 10 or younger are not required to wear face mask, but that is largely a component of statutes for prosecuting minors and not an encouragement.

Adler and Eckhardt said they both hope the community widely embraces face masks. Neither have plans to send law enforcement out to start ticketing people for not wearing masks.

Everyone over the age of ten must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when in a public building, using public transportation or ride shares, pumping gas and while outside when six feet of physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained. A face covering is not required when eating, riding in a personal vehicle, alone in a separate single space, or in the presence of other members of your residence. Additionally, a face covering is not required when wearing one poses a greater mental or physical health, safety or security risk such as anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.  

- Buda had first loss

2.Updates on action items:

- We had our first student who was able to take advantage of our food support! We thank Michael for helping facilitate that!

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

-Questions from student body: Will there be a China Trip in 2021? It is impossible at this time to answer. There are still too many unknown/uncertainty with the Coronavirus (timing for a vaccine, will there be a resurgence of the virus, etc.) Things for prepping aren’t even available at this time. We have to ensure safety before a decision can be made.

- To keep spirits up ASA will host a drinks and pajama social for students, Friday April 24, 7pm BEST PJs contest included

4. Good news or positive experience in past 24 hours

Please take time to congratulate Dr. Luo who has completed his Masters in Public Health from John Hopkins. He is just pending delivering his Capstone project results. We are all very proud of him and this wonderful accomplishment!

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