Coronavirus Meeting Minutes 4.27


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

-US This morning it was announced that we now have over 1million confirmed cases in the US, more than 52,000 deaths

-TX 24,631 confirmed cases, 648 deaths Travis county has 1.396 confirmed cases

- Although our cases are still low in Texas compared to other states like NY, we know our testing has been limited so as we open things back up we must still be very careful.

-FDA warning on hydroxychloroquine outside the hospital setting, serious heart rhythm problems. increase use of prescriptions of these drugs so remind physicians to be cautious with this. Still in clinical trials. Abnormal heart rhythms, Pulmonary Embolism, clotting issues and other risks increase when hydroxychloroquine is taken with some other meds. Anyone with cardiac and kidney problems are also at risk. Not intended for outpatient environment at this time only in hospitals.

DSHS has added new information on its , website including:

-Consideration for Pharmacies during a pandemic

-Coronavirus and traveling in US

-Living in close quarters and caring for a COVID patient

- Article about Putting Genie back in the Bottle

-CDC video about properly putting on and taking off PPE

2.Updates on action items:

- Students asking about reopening of Clinics. We are following the guidance of national, state and local authorities. Gov. Abbott will give a statement today so that may provide more information. Students also asking if campus will be closed the entire academic year. The answer is we don’t believe so and the plan is to reopen clinics in the Summer but again all is dependent on decisions that are outside of the schools control. We will keep everyone notified as things change and we have a better idea of when we will be able to reopen. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

- Thanks to everyone for bringing in more food bags, there is clearly a strong need so all donations are very much appreciated.

-Students also asking about whether testing for COVID will be available to them when school reopens. This will depend on what is available in the community. Testing continues to be prioritized for those providing direct care to COVID patients and first responders. The home testing may be available more readily soon but again at this time is prioritized for those healthcare workers directly treating COVID patients and first responders.

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

-Webinar from AOBTA today at 1:30 CST. Robert to send link to everyone who is able to attend.

4. Good news or positive experience in past 24 hours

- Lesley’s garden seeing few bugs so far this year!

- Mary’s friend who is in her 40’s is steadily recovering from a very serious stroke, she has been hospitalized since early March. She was very ill before the stroke and apparently there have been many COVID patients who have stroked in this age group, so there is now the thinking that COVID may have caused this stroke as there has been no other known reason for the stroke.

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