Coronavirus Meeting Minutes 5.20.20


1. Any CDC, local health department, CCAOM or other agency updates?

US 1,504,830 confirmed cases 90,340 deaths

TX 49,912 confirmed cased 1,369 deaths Travis county 2,537 confirmed cases 79 deaths

-Contact Tracing optional and confidential it is secure only used for public health purposes

visit DSHS Coronavirus website to find out more.

-COVID 19 is a risk to all of us until we have can provide meds and vaccine

-We must continue to take action to control the spread, especially mask, Limit number of

people you have contact with stay 6 feet away from others

-Recent health advisory from CDC a multi system inflammatory syndrome in children,

occurred in children who had COVID19. Multi organ involvement as well as elevated

inflammatory markers at same time. 102 children in NY state appear to have contracted.

Currently not know if specific to children or also happens in adults. Cases should be reported to public health departments. Generally in ages 20 or younger, patients present with fever, inflammation, require hospitalization for multi- system involvement with no other alternative plausible diagnosis.

-Vaccine candidate announced MRNA1273, data from a Phase I study with drug maker Moderna shows good progress, studied 3 diff doses and at higher doses saw good immune responses and few side effects. Noticed that all participants across all three dose levels showed increased antibody level and at higher doses far exceeded antibody levels from individuals who recovered from COVID. So moving to Phase II drug study and Phase III trials in July. So very encouraging!

-May 31 more loosening of restrictions in Texas including opening of bars.

-How do we continue to fight against COVID19 and reopen back to before COVID19?

Austin will work with Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) is a structured,

cross- sectoral alliance of healthcare, public health, and other organizations that plans and implements strategies to improve population health and health equity for all residents in a geographic area. More information go to

-This is EMS appreciation week. So take time to thank these first responders as you can.

-Question on clarification of whether we are at 25 or 50 % capacity with the recent re-openings, it is thought we are still at 25%

-LA study of around 800 participants 1:40 ratio 40 times more people who may have COVID

-Article on one of our alum, Adelle Veron whose father runs a clinic treating COVID patients

-Bloomberg report Resurgence in China but a variant of the virus will hold longer before

related to a Russian variant of the virus

-One physician advises “if it is loud, stay away” loud indicates many people gathering or

people who speak loudly are most likely to spread droplets.

2.Updates on action items:

- Four bags in our food pantry, we’d like to include Alum in our offering of food assistance. To do so we will need more donations. Good news a few outside AOMA’s immediate family are interested in helping with gift cards so we can purchase more for the pantry.

-Pilots for Clinic re-opening to begin on Friday. Pilot will start small, 1 patient, 1 professional provider. We want to begin with our professionals before including students at this time.

- Thanks to Billy’s flexibility and wiliness to work with other faculty members outside AOMA , 2nd collaborative Clinic with Maryland School begins today. Should begin at 9:45 CST. Thanks to Dr. Phil and Dr. Billy for such opportunities for AOMA!

3. Communication status? Any new issues (e.g. Known traveling or potential exposures)

Not today

4. Good news, positive experiences in last 24 hours

-Michael has done a great job with landscaping aournd the campus!

-Diane will identify the flowers in Lesley’s virtual background and report back

-Today is pick strawberry day, be a Millionaire day, quiche Lorraine, and Eliza Doolittle Day!

- You can still enter HTV’s Smart home drawing!

- Bit of history, today marks the first inmates arrival at Auschvitz 80 years ago

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