Special Safety Committee Meeting Minutes 1.19

AOMA Safety Committee Meeting 1/19/21


1. Update on COVID in Austin/Travis county and implications for our School and Clinics

· No updates this week, status in our community remains unchanged. Austin remains in Stage V, the highest level of community COVID precautions. Case rates are at the highest level and continuing to surge. Hospitals and ICUs are hitting capacity levels.

2. Policy related issues

· COVID vaccine is not required but highly encouraged within AOMA. We will offer information about how to obtain vaccine as we receive it but AOMA is not eligible to receive an allotment of vaccine and we have not been able to find a provider to administer the vaccine to AOMA providers as a group, with the exception of People’s Community Clinic. PCC did offer/provide vaccine to our students and supervisor who are providing student clinic services there.

3. Special Considerations

· Communication to patients regarding COVID vaccine

Draft is be prepared and will be shared at next week’s Safety Committee meeting. In the interim if a patient asks for our advice regarding the vaccine, we will refer them to their Primary Care Physician (PCP). If the patient does not have a PCP, supervisors will provide students a resource sheet for patients. Pros can provide the same resource sheet to patients. Dr. Jing will collaborate with Dr. Shen to ensure supervisors and Pros have this information.

· Level 1 Practical Exams in person

Portion of level I practical exam will be in person, Academic leaders are determining which students have or need to register for the exam. There are 13 currently registered but there will be several more. Usually the exam is offered on a Sunday. There has not been a Level I exam since Feb. 2020. An exam is necessary for students to meet requirements and progress. To do safely would be 1 student, 1 examiner and one model in each classroom. There is normally a palpation portion but will not do this portion of the exam during this time of COVID. Estimating exams will take 15-20 minutes per student. Proposing a weekday after the break spread over 2-3 different weeks.

Safety Committee members reviewed and agreed the plan was well thought out to maximize safety and approved.

4. Other

Question regarding Nursing Home facilities

· How do we define a Nursing home facility for screening purposes?

Until screening criteria is changed by State and local health authorities AOMA’s screening policies remains unchanged. The question regarding a Nursing home visit remains in AOMA’s screening.

Safety Committee meeting are held every Tuesday at 8:30am via Zoom. Anyone is invited to attend. If you want to bring forward a given topic please send that to Mary Faria in advance of the meeting so the agenda can be adjusted.

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Meeting ID: 979 0278 3315

Passcode: 894420

Take care and stay safe and healthy!!!

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