Tips and Advice for new AOMA students!

The amount of information you receive when you start at AOMA can be overwhelming! That’s why our mentors have compiled these important and useful tips to help you when you start your journey. Stay tuned for more to come!


~ If you’re on Facebook, be sure to join the AOMA Students Group – ask any questions, sell things, learn about events, and get overall information about what’s happening among the student body

~ Once you start interning in the student clinic, I would recommend joining the “Skip a clinic? Pick up a clinic!” Facebook group. Whenever you need to miss or makeup a clinic shift this is very helpful

~ In the back of building C (the administration building) there is a shelf of papers that can be helpful to you including makeup exam forms, student and clinic checklists, portfolio requirements, etc. Also check here at the beginning of each term to make sure you have an updated student ID sticker


~ If you’re not a fan of logging around a 10-pound book every single day, the Deadman app “A Manual of Acupuncture” has SAVED me. I use it daily whether in class or in clinic

~ Take advantage of student discounts! With your student ID you can get discounts at many places around town including yoga studios, amazon prime, our AOMA store, and more

~ Stay on top of your portfolio! One thing I always hear unanimously from students about to graduate is to stay on top of your portfolio, otherwise you will have a huge amount of work to do at the end of your time at AOMA, which is no fun for anyone. I try my best to complete observer/clinic checklists by the end of each term so I don’t get backed up. I also try to write any required reflections during break weeks while I have free time.

~ Don’t overwork yourself – if you do you will burn out, seriously. This is coming from a super hard worker who has been on the “fast track” since day 1. I started out with just short of 20 credits and working 25 hours/week at a pretty stressful office job and quickly realized this was not feasible. I know everyone has there own threshold but with the amount of time and effort needed for this program, in my opinion it is difficult to go to school full time on the fast track, work over 20-25 hour/week in an outside job and keep your health and sanity. I would recommend either cutting back hours at school or work, even if that may not sound like what you originally planned.


~The board exam review books (the ones at the library that most students check out once they‘re preparing for these tests) are super good and I wish I had bought one and used it as my main source of notes when I was in Foundations, so I could have just already read through it as the class went along. It has a lot of helpful questions! Same goes for the herbs review book—pretty much all the review books for the board exams.. getting familiarized with them right from the start.


It would be a good idea to read the Huangdi Neijing and any other literature associated with the Yellow Emperor’s classics to give you a good foundation and heads up for what to expect.

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