Weekly Address from Mary Faria: Break Week

AOMA weekly updates (week of 9/7/20)

1. AOMA’s desire to combat racism –

- No new updates this week but I’m excited about Dr. Ortiz’s class on racism and healthcare disparities and plan to join as often as I can. As soon as we have our first Fall faculty meeting, we will launch similar learning/training for staff and faculty.

2. Plans and issues related to COVID-19 crisis including clinic and campus re-openings

- The following was decided at this week’s General Safety Meeting with much discussion about whether we are ready to ease some of the Clinic restrictions during Phase I:

We will go into next term in Student and Pro Clinic as follows;

NO e-stim, NO Cupping, NO Gua sha, NO Prone treatments

This is all subject to change as we do more work on how any of these procedures can be done safely. Policies are being developed and will drive whether we bring back some of these in Phase I and how. We appreciate everyone’s support for Clinic safety. We will notify everyone as we make changes.

- It was agreed at our general safety meeting that those traveling by car may check with Safety team to determine if your travel is low enough risk to avoid quarantine. We have also agreed that since health authorities are using a minimum of 10 days for quarantine, we will also only require 10 days.

If you do plan to travel, please check with Michael Jewell our Campus Safety officer to allow the Safety team to determine the risk level of your travel.

-Some students have expressed concerns about low patient volumes for Student Clinics. Please know our Clinic team is doing everything possible to fill open appointment slots. Many are reluctant to get care right now due to COVID. They have called or emailed every patient on the waiting lists, we respond to online appointment requests within 24 hours, I have re-started the clinic newsletter which was sent to over 15,000 AOMA patients from past and present, I've personally written 2 blog posts, and the receptionists are physically present in the clinics answering the phones as much as possible.  Will consider how we can fill with more free appointments. One suggestion is calling public organizations to offer treatments. We’ll also consider how to get more students in to support each other, ASA will do some brainstorming.

3. Key operational issues or updates

No new updates currently.

4. Important announcements or answers to questions sent in by students, faculty or staff

- From Librarian David York: The AOMA Library will resume limited access to the collection and use of computers for the online competency exams starting the week of September 14, 2020. Hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am – 4 pm.

Using the Online Catalog on the Library Resources tab at the bottom of the library’s web-page (https://aoma.edu/students/library/), patrons can find texts available for checkout. Reserving books can be done via email (library@aoma.edu) or calling the library during posted hours (512-492-3032). Library materials may be picked up or returned via a reservation method (email or phone) with curbside pick-up and return.

Competency exam appointments may also be set-up by email or phone. Exam start-times are 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, and 12 noon. Exams have a maximum time limit of 3 hours, as controlled by the online exam. Be prepared to take the exam upon entry to the library – there is no available time for studying in the library before taking the exam at this time.

Four library computers are set-up with Chrome and the Proctorio Extensions, and have a camera and microphone needed to take the exams through the Brightspace learning platform. Students must have a functional username and password to access the exams, must be enrolled in the exams, and must have already read through the directions for taking the exams. The library does not provide IT support.

Screening of patrons access to the library will be done, including taking of temperature and asking specific questions, as is standard on campus. All patrons MUST WEAR A MASK.

- From Dr. Hamilton: In the Spring, ACAOM nixed the 2-degree concept and announced that the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree would become the Master of Acupuncture with Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialization. The Master of Acupuncture would remain simply Master of acupuncture. The new degree name is in the 2020-21 catalog you can find one the website https://AOMA.edu/my-AOMA The term “Oriental” is considered derogatory, and the degree has numerous names at the various schools - MAcOM, MTCM, MSAOM, MOM, etc. and many more. This move came after 4+ years of debate, surveys, and lack of consensus. We grew tired and have accepted it. AOMA also started distancing itself from the use of Oriental in recent years. The profession is trying to distance itself as well. Besides the general public does not know that it refers to the herbal medicine portion. And having so many different degree names for MAcOM, was also confusing to general public and other health care professions.

The President’s cabinet agreed this summer that students graduating in fall 2020 would have the option for either name on their diploma (original or new).

Take care, stay safe and stay healthy (mind, body and spirit).

With Love and Peace,


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