Weekly Address from Mary Faria: Fall Break Week

AOMA weekly updates (week of 11/16/20)

1. AOMA’s desire to combat racism and healthcare disparities –

- No updates this week

2. Plans and issues related to COVID-19 crisis including clinic and campus re-openings

- With COVID cases surging in Texas and around the country we highly encourage everyone to reconsider any plans to travel over the holidays. Austin is close to going back to Stage IV. If we all remain vigilant, we can keep us from getting to Stage V which would be a lockdown situation.

3. Key operational issues or updates

- With Dr. Hamilton seeking to reduce her hours and step out of the VP of Academics role, we have posted the position we hope to fill early in the new year. Dr. Hamilton will remain in her role until the new VP is hired. After she will step into a part-time role with a focus on accreditation and support for distance learning.

4. Important announcements or answers to questions sent in by students, faculty or staff

- Our food pantry is still operating, so if you have a food for the holiday week don’t hesitate to utilize the pantry. Just call the Herbal Dispensary or Michael Jewell and make arrangements for pick-up.

Take care, stay safe and stay healthy (mind, body and spirit).

With Love and Peace,


Got a question for Mary? Don’t hesitate to send her an email at mfaria@aoma.edu and you will receive a response in a timely fashion. If your question involves another department, we will make sure they receive the question and respond.

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