Weekly Address from Mary Faria: Week 4

AOMA weekly updates (week of 8/ 3/20)

1. AOMA’s desire to combat racism

· In addition to the course on Race and Disparities in Health Care that will be offered in the Fall, Workshops for faculty will be developed and offered in the Fall as well. We will also kick off a Speakers series and hope to include local and national speakers to address a variety of issues related to implicit bias and racism in health care. The speaker series will kick off with the 2020 National AOM Day, October, 24th.

2. Plans and issues related to COVID-19 crisis including clinic and campus re-openings

· Thank you all for your patience as we work through the Clinic re-opening. We continue to learn and in turn our plans evolve. Students voiced a concern about tongue analysis and the concern made sense to clinical leaders therefore tongue analysis has been discontinued in Phase I of our re-opening. Also, patients who do not meet all of our screening criteria can not be seen. A student cannot elect to see someone they know if that patient failed the screening. Also, students who don’t meet the screening criteria, this includes traveling outside of Austin, must quarantine for 14 days.

· We have found a source for high quality disinfecting wipes and are now adequately stocked. We ask that everyone make sure to close containers completely, otherwise the wipes dry out. Wipes are becoming very hard to find through most of the traditional sources. Please also don’t be tempted to remove containers and take them home. Taking them will leave AOMA without the supply we need for our team and our patients.

3. Key operational issues or updates

· Most AOMA staff are still working remotely but continue to be available virtually.

· Please know our food pantry is still available to anyone with food needs. Please just contact the South Herbal Dispensary to arrange a pick up time.

4. Important announcements or answers to questions sent in by students, faculty or staff

· We have a new member of the AOMA family. His name is Caden Campbell. He is a new Administrative Assistant hired to support Ashley our Registrar and the Student Services department. As he onboards he will be on campus (masked and distancing as he should) but will also work remotely during the Pandemic. You will all enjoy getting to know him when you get to meet him.

Take care, stay safe and stay healthy (mind, body and spirit).

With Love and Peace,


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