Weekly Address from Mary Faria: Winter Week 1

AOMA weekly updates (week of 12/28/20)

1. AOMA’s desire to combat racism and healthcare disparities –

- We have conducted two interviews for the role of Sr. Director for Student Services and one more to go. This position will also support diversity and inclusion at AOMA, so will be a great support for our work to combat any racism or implicit bias that may exist at AOMA.

2. Plans and issues related to COVID-19 crisis including clinic and campus re-openings

- The City of Austin is at Stage V COVID response. Because we have good safety measures in place we will continue operating our Clinics but will not increase capacity or add treatment types beyond what us currently in place. Student Clinic will be held, but all bodywork classes are post-poned until we know it is safe to hold these based on COVID rates in the community. Academic Leadership will keep you updated.

Key operational issues or updates

-The week was short as AOMA staff had New Year’s Day off.

-We have identified the new librarian who will step in after David York retires this month. We have also selected the faculty member who will begin to oversee our Biomedicine program. Announcements will be made shortly.

-We are finalizing interviews for the Sr. Director of Student Services and beginning interviews for the VP of Academics role. Once we’ve made selections we’ll make those announcements as well. We’ll most likely do introductions for our students at one of our upcoming Town Hall Meetings.

4. Important announcements or answers to questions sent in by students, faculty or staff

- Just a reminder, our food pantry is still operating. Just call the Herbal Dispensary, Clinic, Mary Faria or Michael Jewell and plan for pick-up if you find yourself needing some assistance during this Holiday week.

Take care, stay safe and stay healthy (mind, body and spirit).

With Love and Peace and very best wishes for a happier and healthier 2021,


Got a question for Mary? Don’t hesitate to send her an email at mfaria@aoma.edu and you will receive a response in a timely fashion. If your question involves another department, we will make sure they receive the question and respond.

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