Wellness Resources from AOMA

Did you know AOMA has resources to help your physical, emotional, and mental health? Everyone is feeling the effects of 2020 in some way, and it is of upmost importance to keep yourself healthy in body, mind and spirit. The AOMA community has offered various videos, articles, and blogs to help you in these uncertain times. Check out the resources below!

1) Our very own Julia Aziz, LCSW-S, Rev., CCH offers:

2) AOMA Alumni Nicole Fillion-Robin offers a Qigong video for Awakening the Heart

3) AOMA student Isabel Meijering guides us through a Kundalini practice for stress and disease resistance

4) AOMA Mentors are always here for you! Whether you are a new or existing student, feel free to contact any of the mentors listed below for guidance and assistance during your time at AOMA:

5) There are frequently FREE acupuncture appointments at the student clinic! Call the North or South clinic to inquire about openings for current AOMA students:

  • North Clinic: 512-371-3738

  • South Clinic: 512-693-4373

And, as always, you can access counseling partners and the Open Path Collective, which also provides access to affordable counseling, on our grow page.

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