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AOMA is committed to incident management to prevent the loss of or disruption to the organization's operations, services, or functions to protect the environment and community of AOMA.


An “incident” is any event or conditions that threaten safety and/or security of those involved and/or pose risk to individuals or to the institution, be it physical and/or emotional.  


“Incident management” is a term describing the activities of the organization and its community to identify, analyze, and improve conditions to prevent recurrence of incidents and foster a supportive and safe environment for everyone.


When in doubt, report.


Depending on the type of incident, there are more or less steps to the process. 
However, in general…





Basic information is entered online

(ALL FORMS are available online for print and upload)

An administrator will contact the reporting party within 1-2 business days.

All incidents will be screened to establish whether additional parties need to be involved, such as Title IX.

Some incidents will require follow up with aforementioned outside parties.

All incidents are tracked and analyzed for trends to ensure all facilities and processes are as safe as possible.

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