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An “incident” is any event or condition(s) that threaten safety and/or security of those involved and/or pose a risk to individuals or to the institution, be it physical and/or emotional.  “Incident management” is a term describing the activities of the organization and its community to identify, analyze, and improve conditions to prevent recurrence of incidents and foster a supportive and safe environment for everyone.  AOMA is committed to incident management to prevent the loss of or disruption to the organization's operations, services, or functions to protect the environment and community of AOMA. 


The form linked above can be used for reporting an array of concerns, complaints, and incidents. Please note that while this is not an anonymous form, your privacy is our top priority, and the information you provide will be kept confidential. 

Concerns vs. Complaints 

Sometimes, we have concerns that we may not feel merit a formal complaint or feel like an “incident.” For example, there may be an event or behavior someone might consider to potentially be a "one-off" or not something worth reporting unless it were to happen again. Unfortunately, frequently, the same person may have no way of knowing if the incident were to happen again. Moreover, someone reporting in the future would have no idea that the things they find concerning may have been an issue in the past. History would be lost without a report.  These are more informal complaints, and by reporting a concern (i.e. an informal complaint), you are providing documentation for recordkeeping.  Potential action may be taken. However, unlike a formal complaint, no formal investigation or Misconduct Advisory Council (MAC) would most likely not be initiated unless not doing so would compromise safety. 



All formal complaints will follow the policies as they are laid out in our manuals. Something to be aware of is that confidentiality and privacy protection applies to everyone involved. The person reporting will have access to at least one administrator they can reach out to for questions and clarification regarding resolution of the matter. However, information regarding some actions taken may not be able to be provided to protect the privacy of those involved. 

Please note that any concerns, complaints, or incidents that involve gender-based discrimination and/or sexual harassment do fall under Title IX and require mandatory reporting.  


When in doubt, report. 

Pocket Watch

What should I expect?


Depending on the type of incident, there are more or less steps to the process. It's important to know that while these things are not anonymous, they are kept confidential.  To that end, actions taken for parties involved also fall within privacy protections, so while you will be in direct communication with involved administrators, there may be some information that is not possible to communicate.

However, in general, you can expect the following:



Basic information is entered online

(ALL FORMS are available online for print and upload)

An administrator will contact the reporting party within 1-2 business days.

All incidents will be screened to establish whether additional parties need to be involved, such as Title IX.


Some incidents will require follow up with aforementioned outside parties.


All incidents are tracked and analyzed for trends to ensure all facilities and processes are as safe as possible.

For student concerns regarding the identity of the administrator triaging the report, please contact Dr. Dami Tokoya at 

Please note, AOMA’s Title IX Deputy/HR Contractor is Lora Bowers, who can be reached at or

and AOMA's Safety and Security Officer is Corey Buschmann, who can be reached at
(512)492-3079 or

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