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What is the

of the Term?

What it is

Each term, in addition to your quarterly course and clinic evaluations, we assess a different component of the student experience.  This is the survey of the term, and they are each administered annually during Homeroom.  Homeroom is the 3rd week of each term for Masters and the 1st residency week of each term for Doctoral students.

Will we hear the results?

Yes.  The following term, we share the results, successes, and solutions in Homeroom that come as a result of your feedback.

Why the new design?

Seasons of Assessment allow us to show you how much your voice means and share as a community what is going well and our opportunities and efforts for change.


Student Life Survey


The focus of Fall Homeroom is to assess your student experience, report outcomes and achievements from the previous year, promote study tools, and overall set you up for success for the year.  You'll also renew your clinical safety, HIPAA and FERPA training.


Finance and Financial Aid Satisfaction Survey


The Winter Homeroom follows up on your Student Life Survey and discusses outcomes and promotes resources to enhance physical and emotional safety on campus.  You'll also renew your campus safety, Title IX, and sexual harassment training.


Academic Experience Survey


Spring homeroom focuses on your graduation readiness.  We'll provide resources for financial health and the road to licensure.  Students receiving financial aid will do their financial aid re-certification during this time.

Pool Cocktails

Alumni and

Professional Growth Survey


Summer time is a chance for us to compile all of your answers and look at any needs we were not able to meet during the year.  This is also the time we will be reaching out to alumni to see how they are doing and what's been helpful for their growth.